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Metta Yoga Initiative opened its doors offering the first yoga class on Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2011. Nearly seven years later, Metta has slowly and purposefully expanded its yoga practice offerings, supported neighborhood partnerships, and worked to respond effectively to the overall physical and spiritual needs of the Near Eastside.
We celebrate those founding instructors, students and partners who have made these last six years an incredible ride and journey!

Blessings Always!



Metta Yoga Initiative, a community-based yoga initiative, is located on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis, in the 10 East Biz District. The majority of Metta Yoga's instructors live or work close to the 10 East Biz District, or on the Near Eastside.

Driven out of the desire to offer affordable and locally-based yoga practice to Near Eastside residents, Metta Yoga offers a flexible, quality class schedule, themed workshops and community events with the opportunity to explore more deeply Sri Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga.

As a community-based yoga initiative, Metta Yoga strives to determine specific needs as identified by students, instructors and community partners. Annually, Metta staff hosts community-input sessions designed to identify and establish class, workshop and community program goals for the upcoming year. Using a collaborative and inclusive approach in the design of Metta Yoga allows for flexibility in response to the needs and desires of the larger community as each yogi's practice develops and grows.

Metta Yoga Initiative's objectives established for 2018 focus on developing and cultivating intentional community (Kula) through the following commitments:

1. In recognition of celebrating seven (7) years on the Near Eastside, Metta Yoga will establish relationships with seven (7) Eastside partners bringing the studio's SEVA philosophy to lend support and stewardship in support of community initiatives.

2. Provide at least twelve (12) in-studio yoga classes, weekly, maintaining affordability in cost, not to exceed $15. Provide three (3) in-studio, community yoga class weekly, at a cost not to exceed $7.

3. Develop six (6) community-based partnerships offering off-site Asana, Pranayama and Dhyana practice. The partnerships will support programs that directly benefit Near Eastside youth, siblings and parents; Near Eastside seniors; and Avondale Meadows communitywide healthy initiatives.

4. Allow opportunity for up to twelve (12) qualified and passionate yoga instructors to participate in weekly practice instruction, workshop presentation, and partnership development serving as lead instructors, assistants and project managers. Special support is provided to newly-accredited instructors, or those instructors desiring short-term teaching opportunity in the exploration of their professional development.  



In 2011, Metta Yoga Initiative started as a participant in a community, economic development pilot program focused on using mobile, “Pop-Up” businesses or community-based programs to fill vacant or underutilized storefront space along the 10 East Biz District. Six years later, Metta Yoga serves, in partnership with Brookside Dance Academy, as co-master leaseholder and manager of "Urban Box," the micro-incubator and studio where Metta is currently housed with other small, entrepreneurial health-related businesses and arts programming entities.

If you are not familiar with the Initiative, and your first contact with us is online, we would love to hear from you! You can reach us via email ( or phone (317/441-5415). 

We look forward to seeing you at Metta!

SPECIAL NOTE:  Metta Yoga Initiative is located at Clifford Corners, 3125 E. 10th Street, Suite I (East 10th Street/Oakland Ave/Gray Street). Parking is available on the south side of the building (off-street parking), and along East 10th Street, with accessibility to the studio space off East 10th Street.