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Weekly Class Schedule

Check out Metta Yoga Initiative's full class schedule by clicking on the button below. Students are welcome to utilize Metta Yoga's online scheduling tool, but are NOT required to sign up ahead of class. Additionally, yoga mats and props are available at no additional charge.  

***The Saturday Slow Flow practice and Sunday Community Yoga practice offer a rotating instructor schedule. Please see the current teacher schedule by clicking on the MindBody schedule button above.

New to Metta Yoga?

Welcome! It's our pleasure to provide a few tips and tools to make your visit with us a great experience:

 - Students may register online (through our registration tool) or sign up for class upon arriving at the studio.

- Bring a towel, water and yoga mat.

- Metta Yoga does have a limited number of yoga mats available for use.

- All new students are encouraged to arrive 20 minutes before the start of class.

- Yogis are encouraged to leave their belongings in our secure, locked lobby space prior to entering the studio.

- Be aware of your surroundings, speaking quietly in the practice area before and after class.

- Please help us keep our studio floor clean by removing street shoes prior to entering the studio space.

- Cells phones are prohibited in the practice studio space unless discussed with the instructor prior to the start of practice.

- The studio lobby is open and accessible to all yogis 25 minutes before the posted practice time; please note that the studio lobby door is locked at the start of practice. To avoid disruptions, Metta Yoga staff will no longer allow access to those arriving after the start of class. Thanks for understanding!

Class Fees

  • COMMUNITY YOGA (cy) / $5
  • YOGA CLASS / $10
  • PRACTICE SERIES CLASS / $12 (Class pass rates available.)
  • WORKSHOPS / $25 (Class pass rates available.)

Class Descriptions

BASICS & BEYOND - Alignment to Flow (Beginner-level): This purposeful, beginner-level practice combines a focus on alignment with energetic flowing sequences to encourage dynamic movement. By taking time to closely study individual asanas (poses), this class seeks to help students improve flexibility and strength through safe and careful exploration. Detailed alignment cues can help students more fully understand the physical and psychological aspects of each pose, while fluid sequencing can help move energy throughout the body. Meditation and pranayama will also be utilized to offer improved mental clarity and relaxation.

Vinyasa Flow (Level I/II): This advanced-beginner and intermediate practice is structured to include traditional asana (poses) and sequences including sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, backbends and an opportunity to learn/practice inversions. The practice is designed as a class for anyone who is interested in learning more about traditional Vinyasa Flow (or Ashtanga-style Vinyasa). It is strongly recommended students have basic understanding of asana, linking breath to movement, as the class is not structured as an alignment or beginning student class. Individual modifications will be made available. Students must be able to move on and off the mat with ease.

Warm Slow Flow: Slow Flow is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Students will be led through a purposeful practice that increases strength, flexibility, balance and use of pranayama (breath work). The practice is designed to allow the body to slowly warm, welcoming presence of the early day and creating energy for the day ahead. *The room will be kept comfortably warm.

Yoga Alignment (Advanced Beginner/Intermediate): Yoga Alignment  offers an on-going practice for those with a basic foundation in yoga alignment. Students should be familiar with props, standing and seated poses, and be ready to explore inversions and back bends or adapted variations. Postures are adapted to meet personal needs as the instructors adjust each class to enhance all student levels. Asana will balance strength and flexibility to aid in better body alignment while breathing techniques are introduced to promote meditation. *Tuesday evening Yoga Alignment practice incorporates the use of the yoga rope wall - a great way to experience more intensity in each pose.

Community Yoga (Gentle Flow & Restorative): Gentle Flow & Restorative practice combines slow and soothing movement with gentle, calming and supported postures. This practice is excellent for those yogis desiring a more relaxed and softer practice. Props including blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps will be incorporated into the class to offer support in the mindfully-designed, gentle sequences and sustained restorative postures. (cy)

Community Yoga (Vinyasa Flow - All Levels): Vinyasa Flow - All Levles practice blends an all-levels Flow practice with fellowship and community building. Instructors rotate each Sunday offering students of all levels the opportunity to practice with a different instructor each week. Students should expect more traditional styles of Vinyasa Flow practice catering to beginners, intermediate and advanced students.(cy)

Mindful Movement (All Levels): Metta's Mindful Movement (All Levels) practice offers students a 60-minute purposeful practice focused on Mindfulness principles applied to drishti (concentrated intention), pranayama (breathwork) and asana (physical postures). This practice is inclusive of all levels, including yogis with limited mobility, hearing and site loss. (cy)